Premium Chinese Red Envelope Collection in 6 Designs (Boxed Set of 12)


Product Details:

  • Gift givers rejoice...this collection of 12 Chinese red envelopes prepares you for any gift giving occasion with 6 beautiful designs (2 of each style). See descriptions below.
  • Elegant red paper, finely-detailed designs and 3-color hot foil stamping in red, green and gold convey an unspoken message of quality, warmth and distinction.
  • Multiple designs make it easy to choose the perfect sentiment for Chinese New Year, birthdays, baby gifts, weddings, Red Egg and Ginger parties and general gift giving.
  • Save time throughout the year. Simply store this boxed set in your desk drawer with your other family stationary.
  • Each envelope measures 3.25 by 4.75 inches.

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Give The Perfect Gift Every Time.

If you give Chinese "lucky money" gifts regularly, you understand the importance of having the right Chinese red envelope at arm's reach. Nobody likes unnecessary trips to the store. That's a waste of time! Equally as bad is gifting a red envelope that's cheap or that expresses the wrong sentiment.

Each design in the collection has its own saying including:

  • Blessings Blossom: The Chinese character for good fortune, springtime blossoms and Chinese gold coins wish the recipient prosperity when flowers bloom.
  • Good Fortune: Many different variations of the Chinese character for good fortune wish the recipient luck and prosperity.
  • Prosperity: The Chinese character for good fortune, the Chinese God of Wealth and traditional gold ingots bring blessings to the recipient's door.
  • Happiness: Script characters, oranges and a traditional longevity knot express the hope that all of the recipient's wishes come true.
  • Luck and Riches: The Chinese character for good fortune, oranges and gold ingots wish the recipient luck and prosperity.
  • Abundance: Script characters, Chinese gold coins and swimming fish express the wish that the recipient find abundance every year.

Chinese red envelopes from Victoria Peak Press are the best of the best, fine Chinese stationary products imported from artisans in Hong Kong. Luxurious paper, timeless designs and hot foil stamping combine to produce quality that's noticeable to the touch.

Buy 1 or 2 boxed sets for yourself, a couple more for family members, you get the idea. Make sure everyone in your life is ready for the next gift giving occasion!